Our quality policy to serve you better – now updated

As the years go by  we learn more and more about ourselves, our business market and our customers. To become the best version of Temper Technology we continuously strive to improve our functions and relationships so that you, our customer gets the highest quality on the services we provide. New learnings calls for new actions, therefore we have now updated our quality policy.

You can read it here below, and you can always find it here under the tab Quality on the right hand side.



Temper Technology produce and market Heat Transfer Fluids within refrigeration and Antifreeze for fire protection with focus on environmentally friendly and energy efficient products that is to be sold through selected channels on a global market. The quality policy helps Temper Technology to achieve an improved function and helps to develop the company, our products and customer relationships. This is done through:

With high availability, service and extensive education and technical support, offering environmentally-friendly branded products with strong customer value.

  • Preventive quality work that contributes to continuous improvement by setting measurable targets and continuously monitoring them.
  • Developing the marketing and manufacturing of environmentally friendly products according to customer demand and current requirements.

Temper Technology stands for competence, dedication and personal service.